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Life is school and each experience is the teacher.


Hello, I'm Sweetie and I have been homeschooling my daughter for 6 years, since she was of "school age". It has not always been easy for us; we've had hard days and super easy days, but we made it through each one unscathed. I had my afraid and confused phase which I am sure will come and go again as we grow in our adventure, but I am ready for it this time! And that is exactly what I am here to help you do, be ready for whatever comes! 

About our Community 

  • Our homeschool community is in a Google Classroom
  • In the classroom I offer tips, resources, and help to plan, prepare, start and grow on your homeschool journey. 
  • You can also get 1:1 help with organization, bookkeeping, and evaluation preparation. 
  • We have an annual meet up on Google Meet, if no one rsvp's there is no meet up. You can also schedule a 1:1 video meetup or call.
  • For each meetup I prepare an activity, craft, lesson plan idea or something to share for that day.
  • It is pay what you can yearly so that everyone can participate no matter their budget. 
  • One can leave or stay as long as they like.

Join our community

Please complete the form below and make your monetary contribution for the year.  

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