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The Freedom Town National Cooperative

Welcome to the Freedom Town Cooperative Page & Thank you for taking the time to visit! Here you can learn about what we do, and find membership information and application. 

We are a small cooperative not a business! We are focused on our purpose, not on profits, and work together to accomplish a common goal.

We are looking for individuals, people or families who are ready to transition systematic dependency and thrive in sovereignty of the mind, body, and spirit with us! 

We will be saving money, time and energy doing it all together. 

If 1 person saves $100 a month for they will have $1200 in 1 year 

If 10 people save $100 a month for they will have $12,000 in 1 year

Our Ethics

  1. Do no harm, take no shit | Always go with kindness and awareness of the energy you encounter and engage it accordingly.
  2. Never take more than you need & Give what you can | Aparigraha means non greed/ non attachment, this ensures that everyone has what they need and the earth has more to sow a seed.
  3. Zero waste FIRST | Keep waste low with bulk buying, unpacked purchasing, and reuse, reduce, recycle, upcycle FIRST always.
  4. BE mindful, meaningful, and magical in all you do | Know that being is magical and life is the ritual so make each day count.
  5. Always remember the unified consciousness field | What you do to other beings you to do yourself so treat every being divinely.
  6. Accountability | Embody your creative power and stand in it knowing you do not need to saved but are creating a world where no one needs saving because source energy flows through you it's not something or someone you go to.  

Our mission is Sovereignty

It's sweet and simple....

  • To be free from systematic dependency to our own degree.
  • To empower like minded individuals with the skills and materials for sovereignty.
  • To be a solution for the pollution of humanity and our planet 

Benefiting the community 

Trash to Treasure

We play a major role in collecting, reusing and upcycling items considered to be "trash" on and around streets and schools surrounding each community.

Student Support

We are also be able to provide the required community service hours needed by high school student in order for them to graduate also providing them with an education in and practice of self-sustained living.

Continued Education for the Community

Each community will also have the option to host self reliance and self awareness classes for visitors from surrounding areas.

Feeding the people

Freedom Town Communities with community gardens can provide fresh chemical free produce for their neighbors at fair cost or free

Becoming a member 

How membership works

  1.  Become a member, complete the application
  2.  Pay your automatically paid monthly contribution
  3.  Qualifying members enter the yearly pot raffle 
  4. Each year one name is called for the pot raffle.
    •  After being called you cannot go back into the pot until everyone has had it once.  
  5.  Any member of the cooperative is allowed to do personal fundraising to raise money for the pot within the ethics of our cooperative.
  6. Pot amount depends on member participation, so be prepared to make a consistent automatic payment.
    • You can say how much you will contribute to the pot each month, but it must be a consistent automatic payment 
  7. You can cancel membership at any time without a refund

Who should join?

  • Any awakened person ready to take accountability for their spiritual emotional and physical self. 
  • Anyone willing to learn in a community and physically work to gain sovereignty.
  • Any single person, couple or family that shares our ethics 
  • Persons at least 18 years of age

Be ready to.......

  • Complete the Freedom Town requirements to be eligible for the "pot" 
  • Make your monthly automatic contribution
  • Only use your pot to buy renewable sustainable tools, supplies, and materials to grow your sovereignty. 
    • to buy: perennial plants, oil press. canning equipment, gardening tools
    • not to buy: annual plants, essential oils, food

Member Benefits

Each member will have the benefit of growing in knowledge & skill and living at peace and in harmony as a part of a cooperative of people providing mutual assistance in working toward a common goal.

Below I have provided breakdown of other benefits.

  • Custom designing your sovereignty
  • Access to wholesale bulk shopping for organic and natural foods and other products like bulk herbs, perfect for practicing your skills
  • Share and grow your skills with our community, members, and supporters
  • Growth in awareness of self and others
  • Cultivate self-love
  • Improve self-care
  • Learn to flow in life without resisting or forcing
  • Gain self-empowerment
  • Learn self-healing
  • Increase emotional control
  • New found clarity and inner peace
  • Add to the ascension of unity consciousness
  • Inclusion in the Fellowship for Conscious Living to express your sovereignty freely on or off the grid 
  • Save money as a group instead of alone, this equals more money to build sovereignty. ($50 over 8 months, Alone: $400 saved vs 10 people: $4000 )


  • Seasonal check ins
  • access to conscious living assistance: this means helping you with resources for your particular needs and interest
  • Planning for sovereignty
  • Financial, educational, & moral support and assistance
  • Strategy, mapping the process
  • Group & 1:1 engagement
  • Accountability partnership
  • Help to follow through

Sovereignty Style Expressions

Your sovereignty style is how you express your freedom. Understanding it will help you identify where you are currently, where you are going and what you need to do in between to learn the skills needed to support the lifestyle you are creating. 

  • A. Coping Creating & Self Aware:
    • This is when one uses self-awareness to cope with systematic living. While relying on society to provide your basic needs and comforts you create your own peace in the situation by practicing self-healing techniques like meditation and yoga. You are spiritually and mentally free from the system.
  • B. Coping, Creating and Self reliant:
    • This is all of the above plus the use of self-healing practices like aromatherapy, herbalism, and crystals. Gardening may also be practiced here on a small scale, either in pots or on a small plot of land. You are spiritually, mentally and somewhat physically free from the system.
  • C. Connecting and Creating Self reliant:
    • Connected and aligned to the unified field, and creating sovereignty for themselves and others. knowing what and who you are and taking responsibility for one’s basic needs and comforts is a major part of connecting, creating and sovereign. You may still shop at local stores, but 90% of your needs are met by your own hands.

These are some general ideas of what a sovereignty style might look like. You may find that you are combination of them and that is perfect, that's the point. Congratulations you have just created your own sovereignty style so give it a name honey! If you find one that fits that's divine too and it was here waiting for you. 

QUESTIONS? Ask question here on the form below.

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Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible

Membership Application

Which sovereignty style do you desire? *
Do you agree to pay your automated monthly monetary contribution?*
Do you agree to attend and complete the Online Conscious Living Academy*
Would you like to accept or decline your automatic membership into the Fellowship for Conscious Living*
I understand accept and agree that being a member of the Fellowship for Conscious Living means that I relinquish any previous memberships to all religious congregations, this I do happily*
I have read and understand the Freedom Town webpage and I accept and agree to the terms.*
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Thank you for becoming a member of The Freedom Town National Cooperative. We will be contacting you soon via email with all of the links you will need to become fully active. We welcome you and we can't wait to meet you! Please be sure to make your first contribution which regardless of your enrollment date will go toward your contribution for the next pay date. Thanks again we'll be talking to you soon!