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Our core is in knowing that all things are connected, our purpose is self awareness, self reliance and freedom of expression, a natural birth right to all beings and all of which are often times stunted, or destroyed by systematic living. We have reclaimed our sovereignty and freedom of expression through meditation, research, experimentation, practice and with intuition. We explore reality without bias connecting dots to form the bigger picture and creating our place within it. 

Our way extends far back long before writing, long before language, from a time when humanity lived autonomously and all life was sacred, divine and equal as were the transitions of life and death, this is called animism. For a more practical understanding of animism we recommend investigating the Yoga sutras of Patanjali and the Wheel of the Year. The yoga sutras help you to observe animism in your daily habits with the ultimate goal of Samadhi and the wheel of the year helps us follow the flow of oneness in it's seasons and cycles. Below is our recommended reading. 




1.the attribution of a soul to plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena

2.the belief in a supernatural power that organizes and animates the material universe.



noun: autonomy

1. the right or condition of self-government.

2. (in Kantian moral philosophy) the capacity of an agent to act in accordance with objective morality rather than under the influence of desires

Our way in bullet point format 

  • Congregationalist government | this means self governing as a whole and for the individual
  • To put it loosely there is no formal doctrine for Animism because it predate written language of any form
  • Animism was the way of being for the paleolithic, Neolithic and earlier time periods and there is evidence in burial of the dead, shamanic practices, animal worship, acknowledgment of celestial movements and happenings, megalithic structures, and revolution of symbols
  • Abortion is a personal choice for a woman to make, regardless we recognize and respect the life of the little being and to express this we will plant 1 perennial plant spring each year in memory of these precious beings
  • Politics are non applicable in general, each member may choose to or not to vote, either way they will do so with full awareness of what the electoral college is and how it operates in relationship to their vote as to make an informed choice to invest their energy
  • Health: prevention first is our way so we first check our lifestyle for risky habits, always seek Homeopathy, Ayurveda, and other non invasive treatments first, doctor visits are consulting visits where the patient is an active participant in making decisions, and chemicals are ONLY used treatment never for prevention of any condition.
  • We always lead with kindness, which is mindful truthfulness; awareness of the energy you bring as well as the energy you encounter, never take more than you need and give what you can and be mindful of all of earth's inhabitants in all you do.
  • We recommend homeschool to everyone and support anyone in there choice of education for their children, including homeschool planning, prep, and application
  • We do not acknowledge a sacred day but find divinity in each day
  • There are no tithes or required offerings
  • We are an online congregation, Love is our religion and nature is our church; anywhere outdoors will do for meditation and communing with oneness. We come together in our Facebook group for research, study, and fellowship
  • It doesn't matter who you pray to as long as you know the power source is you

Is this for you? 

  1. Do you have a feeling that something is not right with the common narrative?
  2. Do you have an interest in ancient history, that alone general history, and science?
  3. Do you know who and what you are? Would you like to know more about the physics behind your biology?
  4. Who is responsible for the creation of and changes in your life experience?
  5. Do you believe that all things are connected through a unified field?
  6. Are you ready to challenge the common narrative and your own paradigm and perspectives?  

What we do in the fellowship 

  • We are here to express and explore our beliefs freely, connect the dots and adventure into all of the grey areas in between in order to uncover the truths of what reality is and of who we, as humans.
  • We will; without bias or discrimination, discuss and explore everything including anthropology, archeology, biology, physics, witchcraft, history, religion, spirituality, vortex math, astrology, human history, antiquity, and whatever else comes to mind.
  • This is for truth seekers looking to commune with like open minds and connect the dots. We are here to discover, and share the truth, as well as ask the hard questions. This will deepen our understanding of the spiritual and material, create a foundation for standing in your truth, and assist us in evolving the unified consciousness field.

Ready to join? 

I agree to be a member of the Fellowship for Conscious Living and with this membership I relinquish all memberships to any religious organization in order to be a full member of this fellowhsip.*
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