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Essential oils and Aromatherapy

Essential oils and aromatherapy are perfect for the natural haling of the mind, body and spirit and show promise to heal and align the mind, body, and spirit.

Associated Practices

  • meditation
  • crystal healing
  • yoga


  • calm the senses
  • physical ailments
  • pain relief
  • sleep enhancer
  • weight loss
  • emotional stability



Bath-pour one teaspoon of your essentialoil blend into a tub of warm water and relax.

Massage– sit your essential oil blend into a cup of warm to hot water for a few minutes carefully remove open and pour into palm, distribute into hands and massage

Warmer-pour a teaspoon of your essential oil blend into the cup of the oil warmer

Steam inhilation- put 2-3 drops of yoru essential oil blend into a pot of boiled water (turn off pot first) coevr yourself and the pot with a towel and inhale for 20 seconds- 60 seconds then lift up and breath for 30 seconds. repeat as needed.

Shower- into an empty bowl put 1/4 teaspoon of your essential oil blend into a medium glass or metal mixing bowl and shower as usual. As the warm water splashes into the bowl the aroma will duffuse for you to inhale as the bowl fills the contents will spill over for your feet to soak up the oils benefits.

Compress- fill a small bowl with 200 ml of water and 10 drops of your essential oil blend agitate the water soak your cloth wring and apply to the affected area.

Gargle- 2 drops of your essential oil blend, 1 teaspoon of salt, and 6 oz. of warm water stir disolving salt and gargle

Air freshener- 1/4 teaspoon of your essential oil blend to a 500 ml spray bottle of water 

What is Aromatherapy and Essential oils


  • the use of plant extracts and essential oils in massage, baths, and steam inhalation Essential oils
  • a natural oil typically obtained by distillation or cold press and having the characteristics, and fragrance, of the plant leaf, skin, bark, or flower from which it was extracted

Safety and Awareness

  • avoid the oils if pregnant: basil, cedar, clary sage, clove bud, cypress, fennel, jasmine, juniper, lemongrass, majoram, peppermint, rosemary, thyme
  • do not use on new born babies
  • do not expose to sunlight: bergamot, ginger, lemon, lemon verbena, lime, mandarin, and orange
  • do not use on sensitive skin: basil, fennel, lemon grass, lemon, orange, verbena, melissa, peppermint, thyme
  • do not use if you have high blood pressure, epilepsy, or kidney disease is present: sage, thyme, cypress, rosemary, fennel
  • below is a chart of common issues and oils to help you with them

common issue

 essential oil to help




oil warmer

stress relief



mood lifter



pain relief



cold, cough, flu


inhilation, massage, bath



shower, warmer, inhilation

DIY massage oil

what you will need

  • 1 oz. carrier oil: grapeseed, coconut, almond, olive .....
  • three essential oils to fit your needs
  • 1 1oz. dark glass bottle
  • 1 label
  • 1 marker or pen


  • in your glass bottle pour 1 oz. of carrier oil
  • add 3-5 drops of each essential oil
  • shake GENTLY
  • complete label: name your blend, date, ingredients
  • store in a cool dark place