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What is Conscious Living?

Conscious Living is ACTIVELY living in awareness of the physical and metaphysical aspects of being in order to create a life you love.

Conscious living creates sovereignty through it's two main aspects.......

2 main aspects of conscious living

1. Self awareness " know thyself and you will know the universe and god"

2. Self reliance "knowing is half of the battle" the other half is doing and it is crucial to conscious living.

With these two concepts one will be ready to Make the choice, make the plan, and make moves in conscious living.



  • is awareness of the vibes you bring and those you encounter and how to position yourself accordingly for your highest vibration ~Sweetie


  • the way you live; being your habits, conduct, and customs

Beauty and Wellness

  • combination of how you look and feel
  • quality of state of being healthy in mind, body, and spirit
  • emphasizing preventing illness and having a prolonged life

About Sweetie 

Sweetie has over 20 years of experience, education and results. Awarded an Official Citation from the House of Delegates, The Maryland General Assembly "in recognition of your contributions to the River Community Health Fair, enhancing and enriching citizens of Rosedale, Baltimore City and County, providing services of community health awareness and public safety. On the 19th day of October 2013 by Delegate Adrienne A. Jones, of Baltimore County ~ Legislative District 10

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for my story. 

Results to expect

  • growth in awareness of self and others
  • cultivate self love
  • improve self care
  • learn to flow in life without resisting or forcing
  • gain self empowerment
  • learn self healing
  • increase emotional control
  • new found clarity and inner peace

Come on suga, follow me.....


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My Story 

Living Consciously ~ Becoming Sweetie

By Sweetie Cheresse Hamlett 

Written May 19, 2019 

Hey hey Namaste

I’m Sweetie and it’s all about conscious living for me suga. Now there are many perspectives and versions of conscious living so let’s get technical for a moment. Google says conscious living means “aware of and responding to one’s surroundings; awake” and living is defined first in short as “income” of course and secondly as “the pursuit of a lifestyle of the specified type”. For me conscious living is a continuous adventure of self-awareness and self-reliance, and my consciousness journey began the day I was born, and I’ve learned many lessons along the way.

Death at birth

My story starts with the stop of my heart. The day I was born was also the day I died and was born again. That experience set the stage for a host of conscious events from seeing and hearing other beings or spirits to refusing to say the pledge of allegiance because of pilgrim and indigenous relations I have always had a conscious being to some degree.

Self-Awareness Lesson ~ Death is a transition and life is a series of transitions.

Grandma’s Garden

While I don’t exactly what my grandma grew, I can remember coming out of the back door onto the porch, looking to my right and seeing her small garden fill of life. There were bright colors of green and red with many visitors like butterflies and squirrels next to the clothesline of clothes blowing gently in the breeze. To the left there was a tall walnut tree that covered half of the backyard even the concrete pathway that my cousins and I used to ride our metal tricycles. My grandma would go outside and come back in with food to cook things like green beans, collard greens, and broccoli, I only remember her buying dairy and meat at the market. This is my oldest memory of gardening, and it taught me a valuable lesson.

Self-Reliance Lesson ~ Even with a small space you can grow food to feed your family

Seams, Perfect

My mother has always made my clothing, I remember a period where I thought everyone’s mom did. Dresses. Short sets, rompers, you name and this continued clear through High school sewing became something I knew well and free hand too no patterns just the body and the machine though my mother had taught how to use a pattern. We even made clothes for my barbies and baby dolls too. I prefer Home sewn clothes for myself and those closest to me.

Self-Reliance Lesson ~ There is love in the clothes and power in the skill of making clothes

The Reality of disease

At the age of sacred number 9 the real in reality was about o hit me. My mother told me that she had “lupus” and while I didn’t know exactly what that meant I was soon to learn see with the rapid decline of my mother’s health and strings of breaks and surgeries that lasted well into my adult years. It became essential for me to learn a new way to help seeing as though the PRACTICE of medicine was failing her.

Self-Reliance Lesson~ They are Doctors of Medicine not health

Learning the essentials

Now a young woman fed up with the medical industry and disappointed with the educational system I set my sights on a talent I discovered after my mom got sick, Hair, or cosmetology. It was the perfect choice and the Segway to relief for my mom and numerous others. There I met Zora Robinson, and she introduced our class to essential oils. I will admit my skepticism at first but after experiencing them for myself I had to share with my mom and every customer that had need be they hair growth, itchy scalp, skin disorders, arthritis, nail growth, or cramps and that’s just what I did for many years even studying under a certified natural health care practitioner in my first spa job.

Self-Reliance Lesson~ The earth provides all we need to heal and thrive

Culture shock

You live and you learn so they say, and boy was I about to get a lesson in awareness! It was in the early 2000’s while having a conversation with a friend I was asked a seemingly easy question. My friend asked me who I’d save in in a sinking boat with my child and an adult stranger. I swiftly replied, “my child of course” He said “okay” and started talking about something else. I interrupted him asking “is that the wrong answer?” He told me that the question has no right or wrong answer and is more about perspective. This was the day I was introduced simultaneously to perspectives and the influence paradigm has on right and wrong.

Self-Awareness Lesson~ Perspective is everything and is highly influenced by your paradigm

In the ring with religion

At this time, I was very “power to the people” and the people meant those who looked like me. While doing some research and learning more about American slavery when and the constitution when I realized that no one was free no matter their race, gender, economic class, or any factor was truly free and in every way was being manipulated by someone or something. I saw that the manipulation came from all directions and institutions without exclusion including religion, the first of my attachments to go ushering in the next transition for me killing the reality I had already questions.

Self-Awareness Lesson All in one; different doesn’t mean separate

The Death of Reality

In 2008 my mama told me that she had bone cancer, I can remember going out on the porch to dry my eyes out so she wouldn’t see me. This was the first time I had ever seen her this ill and honestly, I still thought she would beat it. Already knowing of the “shade” of the organizations around us I started my research on where this thing comes from and how to get rid of it. I began to learn about the chemical warfare on our bodies and why they did so. Which all boiled down to manipulation of our energy to create a low vibrational reality. I began to explore our biology, chemical makeup and organ systems which lead me straight to physics where I discovered that we are energy, and the light began to brighten for me.

Self-Awareness Lesson~ If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. ~ Nikola Tesla

Birth of Sweetie

It took the death of the reality given to me for me to see I am the creator of my reality and that that right can never be taken away, only given freely. It is my creation to build sovereignty through conscious living not only for myself but for others as well encouraging them to create and walk their own path by doing it myself. We are not separate from the Universe/source energy and need only align our physical with our spiritual source selves to unlock our creative power. Conscious living is one path to align the two through self-awareness and self-reliance, key word being self. Conscious living is a journey of self that creates courage, competence, and confidence, a journey that is more fun when done with a tribe of awakened women and easier with support and the means. Like my first birth this birth was not easy, there were complications and medications during the labor and deliver still I am here now living the sweet life, good or bad moment I am the creator, and I am here to help others to transition to and thrive in conscious living creating for themselves sovereignty.