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"Sovereignty is not about where you live it's about how you live."


Sweetie's​ Guide for Sovereignty by Conscious Living

Pay what you can today and get your e-guide today. 

This guide is perfect for any person transitioning systematic dependency. There are over 150 pages and 12 chapters with color images perfect for those who need to read it and see it. It is complete with worksheets to help you with planning and preparing for your transition. A perfect complement to the Sovereignty Bootcamp. Just click the PayPal Button below your guide will be sent to the email address associated with payment. I check my notifications of purchase and send each day by 12pm est. 

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Nature itself is the best physician.


Herbal Remed​y Chart

Pay what you can and get you chart today. 

This chart is a compilation of my research and experimentation with herbal healing. Some experience with herbs is helpful when using this chart so I do recommend that you get an herbal healing guidebook to help you understand how to prope​rly use this chart. For your convenience most of the herbs on this chart can be foraged just be sure that you are foraging safely. 

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Sovereignty Bootcamp 

Join our Sovereignty Bootcamp and get the educational and moral support you need to transition systematic dependency. 

Here you will learn how to transition from systematic dependency to a sovereign lifestyle. We offer you the opportunity to explore the power of self and learn how you can start the transition from where you are with what you have. Experience the benefits of working together, and the impact of community. We're not here to fight reality as we've known it but to collectively be and create something NEW and each of our own design. 

Visit our page for more details and to join

Freedom Town National Cooperative

Everyone Eats at our table, join for the financial, educational, and moral support and assistance ​required to transition systematic dependency. 


  • Check ins
  • Access to conscious living assistance: this means helping you with resources for your particular needs and interest
  • Planning for sovereignty
  • Financial, educational, & moral support and assistance
  • Strategy, mapping the process
  • Group & 1:1 engagement
  • Accountability partnership
  • Help to follow through

Visit our page for ​more details and to join

Homeschool Community

Help for the new and growing homeschooler

Get help with the entire process from registration to lesson planning! Come for help and gain a community.

Visit our page for more details and to join